The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Various warfare and blockbuster movies skilfully integrate life force, catastrophic repercussions, and emotional anguish of fighters or characters with action-packed, spectacular spectacles, vividly depicting the exhilaration and turbulence of conflict. Furthermore, several “war” films focus on the domestic front rather than the military battle. However, many of them make forceful statements against the futility of war. ’13 hours,’ based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s novel of the same name, is one such thriller. In this article, We will Know about Some of the best movies like 13 hours.

Other genres, such as romance, black humor, and suspense thrillers, are frequently combined with war films. Rather than being pure war movies, a handful of war movies are historical epics, genuine attempts to portray the experience of battle on screen. Some of them are disguised as military films but are actually westerns. 

This genre dates back to the silent film period. From the French and Indian Wars through the Vietnam War, filmmakers have had plenty of possibilities to work with historical material from America. ’13 Hours’ is a Movie that surprises and astonishes audiences by bringing the brutal reality of a battle that is usually only seen in black-and-white films or photographs to a modern audience in beautiful color.

Here is the list of the 10 Best movies Like 13 Hours You Must Watch in 2022.

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down - Movies Like 13 hours

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The actual story of a fight between American and Somali forces in the war-torn city of Mogadishu on Africa’s eastern coast, Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War, is based on true events. Following a conversation with the father of an American soldier slain in Mogadishu, Mark Bowden contemplated publishing a book about what became known as the Battle of the Black Sea. The conflict, which resulted in the deaths of eighteen Americans and was the longest continuous fighting for US forces since Vietnam, looked like an ideal topic for a book.

The novel was first published in 1999, and it was subsequently made into a film with the same name. After two years after the book’s publication, the movie was released in 2001. If you like Movies Like ’13 Hours,’ you will enjoy this film as well since it captivates and holds the audience’s attention.

The film opens with the overthrow of the central government in Somalia in 1993 when the UN Security Council approves a military intervention with a peacekeeping mandate. Following the withdrawal of the majority of the troops, Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s Mogadishu-based militia launches war on the remaining UN soldiers.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor - Movies Like 13 hours

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The film is based on the true story of Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL who was the sole survivor of a mission in Afghanistan in 2005 where he was charged with murdering a key Taliban commander alongside three other SEALs. His narrative was transformed into a film based on his book, Lone Survivor. Because to its superb directing and storytelling, the film drew a large audience.

Berg, a seasoned actor, has a softer side to his group work. The spirit of jocular group camaraderie is captured in scenes of elite warriors cracking one other’s chops and laughing during scary moments of anticipation between conflicts. The finest illustration of this is a meticulously choreographed scenario in which members of SEAL Team 10 utilize an Afghan hill to monitor the compound of Taliban commander Omar Abdullah.

Berg heightens the suspense by restricting our vision to the four Seals sitting in their perches, barely hidden by low pine trees, and their perspective of the valley. The film’s popularity and fame among war films may be attributed to the combination of excellent directing and seasoned performance by all of the performers. In Lone Survivor, political concerns are rendered irrelevant in favor of the warrior’s faith, which entails surviving whatever hardships are thrown at you while safeguarding the comrade by your shoulder.

Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty

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The thriller Zero Dark Thirty is based on a mission to assassinate Osama Bin Laden, the head of Al-Qaeda. On May 2, 2011, following a much-discussed night operation on Bin Laden’s stronghold in Pakistan, he was shot and killed. The title of the film is based on the same raid and the fact that most of the hunt was cloaked in mystery until the very end, with scant information regarding bin Laden’s location.

Zero Dark Thirty is a gripping thriller about a tumultuous time in contemporary history. Zero Dark Thirty is a well-made drama that follows the course of an in-form Jessica Chastain, even if you don’t consider it as a real depiction of what happened. The finale has a significant reward, but then there’s the last shot that captures the full range of post-9/11 anguish with barely a word uttered.

It’s tough to portray such a challenging assignment with the greatest amount of wisdom and understanding. The filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow demonstrates that it is possible to achieve success if you spend your time creating and then anchoring your idea. When a true mission is depicted on film, there are certain to be ups and downs, as well as some ifs and buts. Still, Zero Dark Thirty is regarded as a masterwork in describing the raid’s events.

We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers

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We Were Soldiers is a 2002 American military film written and directed by Randall Wallace that generated a lot of excitement when it was released. It is based on Lieutenant General (Ret.) Hal Moore and writer Joseph L. Galloway’s book We Were Soldiers Once… and Young, which was released in 1992. It depicts the 1965 Battle of Ia Drang. The film opens in 1954, when a French patrol unit is attacked by Viet Minh soldiers during the First Indochina War.

The story picks up eleven years later when the US is waging the Vietnam War. Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore of the United States Army is selected to train and command a battalion. When he arrives in Vietnam, he finds that an American base has been attacked and is instructed to lead his 400 soldiers after the enemy and kill the North Vietnamese attackers, despite the fact that their intelligence has no clue how many enemy forces there are.

American Sniper

American Sniper

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In 2014, Clint Eastwood directed and Jason Hall wrote American Sniper, an American biographical war drama film. This is supposedly based on Chris Kyle’s narrative American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History, with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice as co-authors. 

The film chronicles the life of Chris Kyle, who became the most lethal sharpshooter in US military history with 255 fatalities over four deployments in Iraq, 160 of which were certified by the Defense Department. While Kyle’s military achievements were lauded, his tours of service took a toll on his personal and family life.

The story begins with Chris Kyle growing up in Texas and learning to fire a rifle and hunt deer from his father. Years down the line, Kyle has worked as a ranch hand and rodeo cowboy, and when he goes home early, he discovers his girlfriend having an affair with another guy. He is debating with his brother after ordering her to go when he discovers TV footage of the 1998 US embassy bombings and chooses to enroll in the Navy. He qualifies for special training and joins the US Navy SEALs as a sniper, and the film then moves on to further action.

The Messenger (2009)

The Messenger (2009) - Movies Like 13 hours

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Israeli screenwriter and former journalist Oren Moverman made his directorial debut with The Messenger. The producers finally requested Moverman to direct the film after discussions with Sydney Pollack, Roger Michell, and other directors fell down. To do research on military life, the filmmakers collaborated extensively with the United States Army and the Walter Reed Medical Center, with Lieutenant Colonel Paul Sinor serving as a technical adviser. It is as Similar as 13 Hours, if You are a Lover of movies Like 13 Hours, You Would Love it.

The film is a must-see for all war movie buffs, as it depicts Will Montgomery, a U.S. Army staff sergeant, being deployed as a casualty notification officer with Captain Stone as his instructor. Lieutenant Colonel Dorsett emphasizes the significance of his mission since many others have failed. After that, Stone explains how to notify a tragedy’s next of kin.

Will and Stone meet up in a pub and talk about their lives. Will tells Stone about his girlfriend’s rejection and his father’s drunk driving death, as well as stories about his estranged mother. Olivia is shopping for clothing for her husband’s funeral with her kid at a mall, which Will notices. She confronts two Army recruiters who are seeking to join teenagers, and she becomes enraged. The film carries on with the drama and depicts further instances in the movie. 

Flags Of Our Father

Flags Of Our Father - Movies Like 13 hours

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Flags of Our Fathers is a 2006 American military film based on James Bradley and Ron Powers’ 2000 book of the same name on the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima. It depicts the lives of the five Marines and one Navy corpsman who were engaged in flying the flag on Iwo Jima, as well as the consequences of that event. Clint Eastwood co-wrote, co-produced, and scored the film, which was written by William Broyles Jr. and Paul Haggis, two well-known screenwriters. It is one of the best movies Like 13 hours.

Flags of Our Fathers was shot in just 58 days and cost $55 million, despite an $80 million budget. The price was later reduced to $55 million, according to one magazine. Despite the fact that the film depicts the fight from an American perspective, it was shot nearly completely in Iceland and Southern California, with a few sequences in Chicago.

The film rights to the novel were bought in June 2000, and producer Steven Spielberg commissioned William Broyles to write the initial draughts of the script, which were then rewritten by Clint Eastwood. After reading about the Japanese viewpoint on the battle, particularly that of General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, Eastwood decided to make a companion picture called “Letters from Iwo Jima,” which was fully shot in Japanese.

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips - Movies Like 13 hours

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Paul Greengrass directed Captain Phillips, a biographical action thriller film released in 2013. The narrative of Captain Richard Phillips, a commercial mariner kidnapped by Somali pirates, is based on the 2009 Maersk Alabama kidnapping. Phillips is played by Tom Hanks, while Abduwali Muse is played by Barkhad Abdi. The picture was a critical and financial triumph, earning $220 million against a $55 million budget.

Richard Phillips assumes charge of the MV Maersk Alabama, an unprotected cargo ship sailing from the Port of Salalah in Oman to Mombasa, Kenya. He and First Officer Shane Murphy order stringent security procedures aboard the vessel and conduct practice exercises, fearful of pirate activity near the Horn of Africa’s coast. 

During a rehearsal, the vessel is pursued by two skiffs of Somali pirates, prompting Phillips to ask for assistance. The film then proceeds with further drama after the ship is captured by Somali pirates and the Captain is held at gunpoint. 

Producers went to the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum to examine the bullet-scarred, five-ton fiberglass lifeboat on which the pirates took Capt. Phillips captive in order to precisely recreate the boat and interiors for the set. They could also see a Boeing Insitu ScanEagle UAV, which was deployed to monitor the situation, as well as a Mark 11 Mod sniper rifle, all of which were on exhibit at the museum.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Movies Like 13 hours

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The Kingdom is an American action thriller film set in Saudi Arabia that was released in 2007. The film is based on the Khobar housing complex disaster in 1996. The 2004 Khobar massacre and two bombs of four complexes in Riyadh in 2003 were also important motivators for making the film and revealing what truly transpired.  

At an American oil company housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda militants detonated a bomb during a softball game, killing both Americans and Saudis further enraging Americans even more, prompting them to act against the terrorist group’s wrongdoings. While one squad hijacks a car and kills people, a suicide bomber dressed as a police officer detonates a device, killing everyone in his path.

Saudi State Police Sergeant Haytham assassinates the kidnappers. Special Agent Fran Manner, the FBI Legal Attaché in Saudi Arabia, telephones Special Agent Ronald Fleury, his US counterpart, to inform him of the attack. When an ambulance packed with explosives detonates, killing Manner, Burr, and many others, Manner is discussing the issue with DSS Special Agent Rex Burr. This is the movie’s opening sequence, which keeps you glued to the screen for the duration of the film.

The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker - Movies Like 13 hours

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The Hurt Locker is a 2008 American military thriller film about an Iraq War Explosive Ordnance Disposal squad that is targeted by insurgents and their psychological reactions to battle stress. The screenplay was written by Boal, the film’s writer, based on his embedded access experience. The Hurt Locker had its world debut at the 2008 Venice Film Festival before being distributed in the United States by Summit Entertainment on June 26, 2009. If You are Looking for movies Like 13 hours it is one of the great option for You.

The film received six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay, in 2009. To accomplish Bigelow’s aim of authenticity, the film was shot in Jordan, only yards from the Iraqi border. Extras were Iraqi refugees, and the actors labored in the sweltering Middle East heat. The producers looked for locations in Morocco, but Bigelow didn’t think the city resembled Baghdad.


People develop a sense of patriotism toward their army and nation as a result of watching war movies. Those looking for more Movies Like ’13 Hours’ might go through the list above. The films on the list are mostly war dramas that will keep you riveted to your seat.

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