The Mutant War [Ubel Edition] Physical Release For SW

Nintendo™ Switch – Europe

  • SturmFront: The Mutant War [Ubel Edition] physical release for Switch is here!
  • In this game, players will become Siegfried von Hammerstein, a one-of-a-kind semi-organic battle unit.
  • Pre-order is now available here at Playasia.


Red Art Games has confirmed the physical release of SturmFront: The Mutant War [Ubel Edition] for the Nintendo Switch in Europe. Ín case you missed it, the game has been launched digitally last April.

The game is set in a fictional 1984 wherein the human race is nearing its extinction. Join Dr. Hartmuth Griesgram, as he creates synthetic humans and activates a prototype killing machine as humanity’s last hope: the prototype SturmFront battle unit.

Thanks, Red Art Games!

Game Overview

Play as Siegfried von Hammerstein, a unique experimental battle unit whose only purpose to exist is to kill and destroy unrelenting mutant hordes!

It is the year 1984 and it is the end of the world as we know it. A great plague, wrought by human hands, devoured all known life and puked forth a new and foreign kind of creature: the mutants. The evils that escaped this Pandora’s box, still loyal to the alien genes within their flesh, could not be controlled by humans. Our extinction is upon us!

Dr. Hartmuth Griesgram, a heartbroken and eccentric scientist who is responsible for the creation of synthetic humans, activates his accursed human manufactory one last time to unleash his ultimate creation and his final hope: the prototype SturmFront battle unit. A flawless cyborg engineered for war.

You play as Siegfried von Hammerstein, a unique semi-organic battle unit whose only purpose to exist is to kill and destroy. – Nintendo

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Hence, here are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy!



  • Purge mutants with your flamethrower in this twin-stick arcade shooter, as you make your way across a derelict cityscape fuelled by the sounds of heavy metal and psychedelic Electronica!
  • Uncover the truth behind the mutant war and its origin by collecting hidden souls throughout the game
  • Find all the hidden souls to uncover the truth about the mutant war and its origin!
  • Slay gigantic enemies! Show them no mercy!
  • A classic arcade game with a touch of bullet hell

Thanks, Red Art Games!



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