Seven Marketing Tips for Branded Hashtag Challenge Campaigns

For brands, hashtags can help amplify messaging and create a buzz around products or services. All social media channels are leveraging them and even offer suggested hashtags when posts are created.

For creators, TikTok challenges provide a way to show off their dance moves to a certain song, perform some sort of athletic feat, or create their own version of a popular video. But TikTok leveled up the hashtag game when it introduced the Branded Hashtag Challenge.

A Quick Overview

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge gives brands a way to enjoy the power of hashtag challenges while engaging users in a fun yet powerful way. Although Instagram remains the most popular app for influencer marketing, TikTok is a close second and it has gained extra muscle by adding marketing features that allow brands and influencers to collaborate more easily — and engage audiences more effectively. With a Branded Hashtag Challenge, users create a challenge video within the brand’s parameters. (For example, makeup brand Laura Mercier’s #readySETgo challenge promoted its product by sponsoring a makeover challenge, where users showed the before and after results of using the product.)

To date, the most successful Branded Hashtag Challenge has been Samsung’s #VideoSnapChallenge, which garnered more than 27 billion views. The average challenge will collect about 6.1 billion views, so for brands with the budget to invest in such a challenge — pricing starts at $150,000 — the payoff can be substantial.

Make the Most of Your Challenge

If you’re considering your own Branded Hashtag Challenge, the hardest part might be coming up with something that’s unique, true to your brand, and engaging to audiences. For ideas, look at what’s already being created and strive for something that complements but doesn’t copy the hottest challenges. With a bit of creative brainstorming, you can develop a concept that fits with your brand values and reaches beyond your current audience.

Here are 7 Tips for Creating a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Include your brand in the hashtag. This is an effective way to build in an extra layer of brand recognition; every viewer has the chance to build more of a connection with your brand throughout the challenge.

Make it feel natural. The challenge needs to fit with your brand, but it also needs to feel organic, not forced. The idea is to create an experience that feels authentic and welcoming; it’s a great way to make a lasting first impression on new users.  

Keep your audience in mind. Along with making it feel natural, make sure your product or service is a good fit for the TikTok platform. Then, think about what your ideal customers will want from the experience; that may help you hone your challenge concept.

Keep it fun. Above all, hashtag challenges must be fun if they’re going to attract participants. Test your idea out on a small test group before you launch to make sure it’s something your audience will enjoy participating in, watching, and sharing. Then, add visual effects to your challenge that scream “fun” — it will go a long way toward inspiring creativity and creating more impact.

Use the right sound. Music plays a significant role in challenges, so keep it lively and energetic! If you haven’t already defined your brand’s sound, this is the time. Ask yourself: If your brand was a song or a sound effect, what would it sound like? Define that, then incorporate that sound into your challenge.

Make it easy. In addition to being fun, make it easy for people to enter and participate. They should be able to do it at home using things they already own. Your challenge should be easy to understand and just as easy to participate in.

Partner with the right influencers. One of the best ways to amplify your voice is by enlisting the right influencers to participate in and share the challenge. Look for influencers who look like your audience and have the following you’re trying to reach. By partnering with the right influencers, you can help push your message out faster and farther to the right audience. Pro Tip: We can do this for you

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