November Savings for PS5 & PS4 – Be thankful for Fall(ing prices)!

November Savings for PS5 & PS4 – Be thankful for Fall(ing prices)!Sex Pistols appeared for the very first time, the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special aired on CBS, Atari presented Pong to the world; do you know what all these events have in common? They occurred in November!
Formerly known also as Blōtmōnaþ or Brumaire; the penultimate month of the calendar marks the transition from autumn to winter. The days get shorter, the cold rises, and there’s nothing better than to drink a hot chocolate while we playing games.

So to make this month warmer; Sony announced the November Savings campaign. Thanks to it we can save up to 80% and get dozens of wonderful titles that will not make us miss summertime. Ok then, keep the Instant Digital Code at hand and press start!

Resident Evil Village – 33% OFF

Guess who’s the main course?!
Standing “lofty and happy”; Castle Dimitrescu is one of the most important examples of Mittel European castle architecture. Its defensive structure is composed of massive walls circles, and several towers, it is used as the residence of the noble family of the Dimitrescu. Giving us a wonderful journey, back to ancient times; Resident Evil Village is an unforgettable adventure rich with folklore, black magic, and vampire clans. Through a combination of incredible action and inspired puzzle gameplay mechanics, this new chapter adds a unique touch to the world imagined by celebrated personalities such as Anne Rice or Bram Stoker.
Enjoy all its absorbing Gothic atmosphere, and go back home alive if you can… HAHAHAHAHA!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Complete Edition – 60% OFF

Warriors of Light, take down the Garlean Empire once for all becoming the absolute protagonist of a truly epic quest with Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition!
Including all the expansions released so far, all the Warriors of Light from hundreds of kingdoms have been called to join their forces for the ultimate attack; this is the beginning of a new Umbral Era, and maybe this could be the last one…Including an incredible number of cities, races, challenges, and much more; this game brings the Eorzean civilization towards new heights of fierceness! And, don’t forget that with Shadowbringers’ expansion you can turn yourself into an armored killing machine at the service of darkness; ferocious soldiers of light want to erase your existence, but have no fear…face an eternity on the edge of a shining dark blade!

NEO: The World Ends with You – 30% OFF

Delve into the intensity of the most famous and busiest ward in the world with NEO: The World Ends with You!
During a normal day, the unexpected happens; 15-year-old Rindo Kanade finds himself in an alternative reality, alone and unaware of how he got there. Now the Reapers’ Game can start; Rindo & his friend Tosai “Fret” Furesawa are thrust into a life-or-death game that sends them scrambling down streets paved with one riddle after another. With a time limit of seven days, Rindo and Fret will team up with unlikely allies as the Game’s stakes grow more and more out of control in this critically acclaimed Action RPG!
Lovely crafted by the developers from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts; it is no wonder that NEO: The World Ends with You is a true masterpiece.

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne – 50% OFF

When the people move, things move!
These are troubled times in the once-prosperous Kingdom of Lugnica; Subaru has arrived only a month ago, and the event to choose its next ruler is about to start, but there’s a problem… the mystic Dragon Stone showed that only five people can be the candidates, and in reality, there’s a sixth person (shrouded in mystery) who reclaims his place among the candidates; is he an impostor? Why he is doing this? Join Subaru, Rem, Ram, Emilia, and all the other superstars to find the solution to this intrigue with Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne!

Like a contemporary Sherlock Holmes, we must rely on all ours deductive minds, perception skills, and combat abilities to protect all the beloved allies whose lives are in danger… dynamic, chilling, and captivating; this is a groundbreaking investigation adventure worthy of the best Arthur Conan Doyle!

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing – 30% OFF

Live directly the greatest broom flying simulation ever with Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing!
Join Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, Lotte Jansson, Amanda O’Neill, Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger, Jasminka Antonenko, and all the other Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy aspiring witches to have the purest magical flying experience without leaving home.

Keeping the stunning hand-drawn art style of the anime, this racing game is filled with branching shortcuts, spells, secrets, and above all fun!
Half race game and half JRPG; this is a very unique type of game that will make happy all the gamers and anime fans who are looking for something truly original!
Hey witches, fly along with us, we can’t quite make it alone!

As the leaves are falling, so the prices do the same in the much-awaited November Savings campaign; these are only some examples of the titles that are waiting for us.
Grab one (or more) PlayStation Instant Digital Card(s), and be ready to play with hot titles now available for a very spooktacular price!

🍂 BUY NOW 🍂 November Savings for PS5 & PS4 – Be thankful for Fall(ing prices)!

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