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Position your product as a study-helper

Whether you sell laptops or school supplies, create content that shows how your product can help students study. Think of ways your product or service can aid in a study session and create a short how-to video around it. 

Remind students to take a study break

Research suggests taking short 5-15 minutes study breaks every hour or so. Does your brand provide a product that could productively fill that time? If so, share it. Just about any brand can work this angle. Just remember to promote a short, timed break. You’re not trying to distract students, just give them a few minutes to recharge. Use the hashtag #StudyBreak which has over 48.1M views. 

Encourage students to refuel

After trudging through equations or reviewing the laws of physics, students need to refuel. If you have a snack or beverage brand, this is a campaign for you. Consider running a campaign during finals week and offering a discount to students cramming for finals or adding a freebie to any order placed on a college campus during exam week. 

Help students create the right study environment

It’s easy to get distracted. Scrolling through social feeds for a “quick sec” can lead to an hour-long rabbit hole (or more). Help students rid their study area of distractions like this student does. Sell furniture or office supplies? This tag is a no-brainer. 

Get inspired. Here are three of our favorite #StudyWithMe videos.

Collab with these college influencers on Shake


Lindsiann is a fashion influencer and student at the University of Michigan. They post videos about studying, fashion tips and growing up in an Asian-American household.

Heather (@studyybabes)

Heather is the owner of @Studyybabes and is a full-time college student majoring in Nursing.

Mackenzie is a New York City college student who posts college student lifestyle content and sports industry content.

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