How and Why Your Brand Should Go Live on Social Media

Creating content

What should you talk about when you’re live? You need a plan. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the goal—to entertain, inform, or sell? (Or some combination of the three).
  • What do you want viewers to do during or after the video? (Buy something, RSVP for an event, enroll in a class).

With goals in mind, you can start thinking about specific content. Here are some ideas and examples from brands who go live on social media regularly:

1. Share troubleshooting techniques

What issues do your customers experience most with your products? Using feedback from your technical support or customer service team members, create a list of issues that you can address on a live stream.

2. Host a Q&A

Sephora held a live Q&A on YouTube with beauty directors Melinda and Myiesha demonstrating the products, offering tips, and responding to viewers’ questions about the brand’s foundation in real-time.

3. Introduce new products or services

Use a “fresh off the assembly line” live video or simply demonstrate the features and benefits of a new product or service.

4. Offer a sneak peek

Oculus sponsored a “first look” live stream on Twitch of gamers trying new releases for the Quest 2, including commentary and tips from an expert.

5. Hold a contest

Everybody loves free stuff and a live contest is sure to pull in some viewers. It presents a few live opportunities. Go live to announce the contest, again to remind people to enter, and finally announce the winner.

6. Demonstrate a DIY project or recipe

For Cinco de Mayo in 2020, Chipotle had a chef go live on Instagram to show viewers how to make the brand’s signature house margarita and four variations (spicy, hibiscus, Paloma, and frozen pineapple).

7. Highlight an unboxing

Unboxing goes beyond just showing potential customers a new product. Going live before a box is even opened builds trust and inspires curiosity. This is especially effective for perishable products, easily damaged during shipping, or come with multiple parts that need to be assembled.

8. Go live at an event 

In June 2021, Lego held its first official convention, LegoCon. Using the hashtag #LEGOCON, the brand (and its followers) went live on various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

9. Do a store walk-through

Many consumers expressed sentiments about missing the experience of in-person shopping at the height of the pandemic. Use live video to share a virtual tour of a brick-and-mortar store from the entrance to exit.

10. Host a webinar

Pre-recorded webinars can feel stale and they sometimes lack the energy provided by live interaction.

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