Fibre splicer automates more for rapid installation

Fujikura 41S+ fusion splicer

Called 41S+, it borrows ‘active fusion control and ‘active blade management’ from the company’s flagship 90S+ model.

Active fusion control activates when a cleave end face is bad quality, and automatically adjusts settings to improve fusion stability and decrease splice loss. “It also analyses fibre brightness and adjusts fusion power in real time to ensure an even amount of heat is distributed, which again reduces splice loss and the need to rework splices,” according to Fulikura.

The splicer and associated CT50 fibre cleaver have a wireless link to enable automatic cleaver blade rotation. “Active blade management enables the 41S+ to judge that the cleave blade is worn by continuously monitoring the frequency of bad cleaves,” it explained. “As the cleave blade begins to wear, the blade will automatically rotate to a new position.”

“It’s been clear for a long time that the demand for connectivity is only going to increase,” said Fujikura Europe manager Neil Bessant. “But due to the pandemic, that demand skyrocketed and put pressure on engineers and all involved in internet infrastructure to ensure networks can handle the increased connectivity. 41S+ has a number of features to automate most of the splicing process, helping engineers get the job done quicker.”

The 41S+ product page is here

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