Dual mosfets combine n-channel and p-channel for 24V motor drives, plus dual n-channels too

Rohm dual mosfets

“In recent years, mosfets are increasingly required to ensure sufficient margin against voltage fluctuations by providing 40V and 60V withstand voltages to support 24V input required for motors used in industrial equipment and base stations,” according to Rohm. “Furthermore, mosfets are expected to deliver higher speed switching together with lower on-resistance to improve the efficiency and miniaturisation of motors.”

Its has developed a 6th generation of 40V and 60V n-channel mosfets, following the new-generation p-channel mosfets announced at the end of last year. These are the transistors inside the four complementary dual parts, called QH8Mx5 or SH8Mx5 depending on the package – 2 watt SOP8 or 1.5W TSMT8 respectively (see table below).

Currents range from 3 to 8.5A and on-resistances span 17 to 90mΩ.

At the same time, it has released 12 parts with two n-channel mosfets, called QH8Kxx or SH8Kxx, again depending on package (also table below).

In the pipeline are 100V and 150V products for industrial equipment.

Application is expected with motors for fans in base stations and industrial equipment

n-channel plus p-channel dual mosfets

Part Vds Id Power Rds(on)
SH8MB5 40V 8.5A 2W 19.4mΩmax SOP8
(6 x 5 x 1.75mm)
-40 -8.5 16.8
SH8MC5 60 6.5 32
-60 -7 33
QH8MB5 40 4.5 1.5 44 TSMT8
(2.8 x 3 x 0.8mm)
-40 -5 41
QH8MC5 60 3 90
-60 -3.5 91

dual n-channel mosfets

The tables may contain erros as they have been transcribed.

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