Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection Now Open For Pre-order!

Nintendo™ Switch – Europe

  • Boulder dash Ultimate Collection for the Nintendo Switch includes two Boulder Dash titles, the Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary and Boulder Dash Deluxe.
  • The game will feature more than 400 newly designed levels across two games.
  • Pre-order is now open here at Playasia.


Classic and legendary action-puzzle games Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary and Boulder Dash Deluxe will launch in one game collection for the Nintendo Switch. The game compilation will be titled Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection coming to Switch early next year. If you are a huge fan of these classic masterpieces, this compilation is definitely for you!

Game Overview Per Game

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary

Gem Collectors, Dig This! Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ finds our heroes, Rockford™, Crystal™, and others, facing a slew of new, exciting challenges in this legendary action puzzler. Dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements; avoid falling boulders; collect valuable gems and avoid nefarious enemies along the way. Discover treasure chests with rare collectibles and potent power-ups. With 260 exciting levels, 13 new, gorgeous worlds, and 10 playable characters, Boulder Dash-30th Anniversary is the best game in its 30-year history.

The original Boulder Dash® was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray over 30 years ago and published by First Star Software in 1984. Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary is the first, and only, a game in the multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash series to include both a premium world designed by Peter Liepa and another by Chris Gray.

While providing classic Boulder Dash core gameplay mechanics and features, Boulder Dash-30th Anniversary introduces exciting new elements such as diagonal movement, which opens up new and intriguing puzzles while creating a very different and organic look for the caves. – Nintendo

Boulder Dash Deluxe

The retro game and legendary action puzzler for players young and more experienced alike arrived, combining up-to date-graphics with original game features – spanning 35+ years of Rockford™ and his friends, digging through caves to collect gems – Boulder Dash® Deluxe!

Boulder Dash® Deluxe takes you, together with the game character called Rockford™ into a myriad of new and exciting challenges. Dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements; avoid falling boulders; collect valuable gems and avoid nefarious enemies along the way. Discover treasure chests with rare collectibles and strong power-ups. Boulder Dash Deluxe includes 180 new exciting and unique levels. Plus, dig through 9 brand new worlds with high-end graphics and their own textures, dive into the Classic 1984 World with its caves, or enjoy The Liepa World; a set consisting of 20 of the most mind-bending levels designed by the creator of the original 1984 Boulder Dash version and video game legend Peter Liepa. And, if that’s not enough, you will be challenged by 15 new special opponents ranging from Octopus to Snow Tiger. Boulder Dash® Deluxe truly is the pinnacle in 35+ years of Boulder Dash®! – Nintendo

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Feel the thrill once again with these beloved classic retro games! Pre-order Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection now!


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

Hence, here are the game’s features, and screenshots.


  • More than 400 newly designed levels across 2 games
  • 20 Levels from the original 1984 version
  • 20 new Levels by Peter Liepa, the developer of the first Boulder Dash versions
  • Many unlockable characters, upgrades, and character customization
  • Several different worlds with unique textures, animations, and creatures



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