Are Monitor Arms Worth It?

Monitor arms are a great accessory for those trying to improve the ergonomics of their workstation. However, with prices varying between $50 to over $1000, it’s hard to decide if it’s an investment worth making. There are many pros and cons that come with purchasing monitor arms and it’s important you understand your needs before deciding. This blog will explain the positives and negatives of monitor arms and how they can benefit you ergonomically.

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Are Monitor Arms Worth It?

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Purchasing monitor arms can change the entire dynamic of your desk setup, providing you with all kinds of benefits. The first, and maybe most obvious, is creating more space on your desk. When placing monitors on your desk with stands instead of arms, they take up tons of space on the back of your desk, especially when you’re using more than one monitor. In comparison, having monitor arms allows you to utilize the space on the back of your desk while your monitors are mounted safely above your desk.

Are Monitor Arms Worth It?

Proper viewing height and angle is also very important when looking at ergonomic seating at your desk. When using monitor stands, it’s common for users to have to tilt there head up or down for proper viewing of the monitor(s). This sometimes can cause discomfort or soreness without a lot of solutions to the problem. When using monitor arms, you can easily adjust your monitors to sit at the proper height and angle you need them to be at for ideal comfort and ergonomic position.

monitor arm height

If you’re someone who likes to work in portrait mode with one monitor and landscape with the other, monitor arms are going to provide a huge benefit. Flexibility wise, you’ll be able to position your monitor as you please with minimal effort. When using a regular monitor stand, you won’t get nearly as much freedom or flexibility when it comes to monitor position.

monitor arm setup

Monitor arms are also great tools for people who are very particular a clean look on their desk. Using arms gives you a much more compact and clean look versus a dual or single monitor base sitting on your desk.

Lastly, if there is a ton of movement in your office at home or work, monitor arms are going to provide much more security and reliability. Most monitor stands easily tip over or move when they are ran into or even slightly bumped. While monitor arms may move around if they are bumped, you can rely on them to keep your monitor securely attached to the desk without risk of falling to the ground.

While monitor arms provide a handful of benefits to your desk setup, there are also some negatives that go along with them. One of the things we see complained about often is the unwanted bounce that you get while typing or moving a mouse around on a desk. There are ways to remedy this, but it’s a fairly common problem that you often can’t completely fix.

monitor arm lineup

Another issue with monitor arms is lining the actually monitors up perfectly next to each other. When you’re using more than one monitor and you make an adjustment to one, trying to get the second monitor to line up perfectly next to it can be a problem. This is strictly an aesthetic problem but can be very annoying for some people.

Depending on how picky you may be, finding the perfect color monitor arm to match your setup can be another issue. The reason for this is the lack of available color options in the monitor arm market. You’ll typically be able to find black, silver, white, or other basic colors, but if you’re looking for something specific, you may run into some issues.

If you decided to start with one monitor and you end up with two, the lack of modular systems in a lot of different monitor arms may become an issue. Most of the time if you buy a single monitor arm, you can’t expand it to two without buying a whole new monitor arm system.

monitor arm wire management

Those who use standing desks and have a pc that sits away from your monitors may have an issue with cord length. As you run your wires from monitor to pc, a lot of the time they don’t reach far enough to properly connect. This makes having a proper wire management system important as some monitor arms feature some sort of system and some don’t. Having proper wire management is essential to both looks and performance of your desk setup.

Everyone is different in their search for the perfect desk setup. Most of the time, something that works perfectly for one person doesn’t do the same for another. This is why it’s important to understand your wants and needs before making expensive purchases. When it comes to monitor arms, there are many pros and cons that make or break your setup. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team at

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