Analog Devices Inc. LTM4693 2A Buck Boost µModule® DC/DC Converters

Analog Devices Inc. LTM®4693 2A Buck-Boost µModule® DC/DC Converters operate from input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltage. The switching controller, power MOSFETs, inductor and support components are included in the package. The LTM4693’s advanced topology provides a continuous transfer through all operating modes. VIN operation from 2.6V to 5.5V covers a wide variety of power sources including typical 3.3V and 5V. Output voltage ranging from 1.8V to 5.5V is set by an external resistor. Only a few external components are needed for a typical application.


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.6V to 5.5V
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • 2A of Continuous Output Current with VIN ≥ VOUT (Buck Mode and Buck-Boost Mode); Minimum 1A Continuous Output Current with VIN < VOUT (Boost Mode)
  • Low Ripple Buck-Boost Architecture
  • Programmable Soft-Start and VIN UVLO
  • Burst Mode IQ 15μA for High Efficiency at Light Loads
  • Ultrathin, Small Surface Mount Footprint
  • 3.5mm × 4mm × 1.25mm LGA Package

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