10 Best Shows Like The Expanse You Must Try In 2022

10 Best Shows Like The Expanse You Must Try In 2022

If you are a crazy sci-fi fan, then there is no doubt you’ve watched Shows Like The Expanse. This show is hands down the best sci-fi series on television right now. It is inspired by James S.A. Corey’s bestselling novel that takes you to the future world of humans colonizing the solar system.

Throughout the story, we follow the life of various characters from different factions competing for resources, space, and power. With a flavorful story, amazing cinematography, and compelling character development, which has raised the bar for all future sci-fi shows.

Completing five successful seasons, this show got renewed to release its sixth and probably the last season this year. And the best news is that the fans don’t have to wait for too long to watch the new season.

So, while you wait for the upcoming season to release, we have some fantastic sci-fi series that will keep you busy and entertained. The list of ten best shows like The Expanse is so good that you can even save some of them to watch later when the show gets over. Have a look and get ready to binge-watch these amazing shows lined up for you.

Here is the list of the 10 best Shows like the expanse in 2022.


Dark - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you loved the concept of ‘The Expanse’ wherein they showcased complex stories across different worlds, then you’ll love ‘Dark’. This perfectly directed German drama follows the story of four interconnected families who are tangled up in a web of mysteries, secrets, and time travel. The beginning of the show may look very confusing, but as the show progresses, you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The four seasons of this meticulously plotted series are worth every second. It is a one-of-a-kind show that will be remembered as a time travel classic. Although you might have to be patient with the story to develop and reveal the characters in their full stream, it’s all worth the wait at the end. So, all the time travel lovers definitely give this show a try!

Orphan Black

Orphan Black - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Orphan Black is another complex yet intriguing show that is propelled by different conspiracies and clandestine groups. The story deals with a group of clones (played by Tatiana Maslany) who are unaware of each other’s existence until they get tangled up in a messy situation. It raises a lot of questions about the ethical and moral implications of human cloning.

Besides the amazing storyline, this BBC American drama has phenomenal character development, lots of action, and an impeccable ending. Watching Tatiana play extremely different roles of the clones is a treat to the eyes. If you love watching shows like The Expanse, then you’ll truly like Orphan Black.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Altered Carbon follows the suspenseful tech-noir tone of a detective fiction series with dystopia. It showcases a very strange world where human consciousness can be digitally stored and uploaded into a new body.

The story follows the life of a former soldier Takeshi Kovacs whose consciousness is uploaded into the body of a former squad Joel Kinnaman. He is tasked to solve the murder of the rich industrialist James Purefoy. And it is fascinating to see that the task has been allocated by a digitally resurrected man himself.

This mysterious storyline may sound bizarre but it is very exciting and makes you wonder if such technological advancements are possible in this world or not. If you are craving for some original sci-fi drama with a great storyline that will twist your mind then do watch Altered Carbon. It is so captivating that you will not leave your seat till the last episode.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space seamlessly blends in scientific knowledge as an important part of the ploy.

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Following a similar plotline as The Expanse, this show tells a story about survival against insurmountable odds. It shows the struggles people go through to find a safe place to live in the lonely outer world. Just like its name, Netflix’s Emmy nominated series ‘Lost in Space’ showcases the challenges of the Robinson family to survive together.

The Robinsons are selected as a test subject for colonizing other planets but while they explore the outer world and find the resources to make a home for themselves, they are thrown off the course. Left estranged on a dangerous unfamiliar planet, they need to survive and find their way back.

The show has released two seasons till now which involves a lot of sci-fi drama, AI robots, aliens, and a lot of special effects that make the show even more interesting to watch.

The Boys

The Boys

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Next on the list of best shows like The Expanse is The Boys. Relating to the central theme of conspiracy in The Expanse, this show depicts a war against the superheroes on Earth which is much more covert, personal, and explosive.

The story revolves around the life of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) a vengeful ex CIA and the leader of a group of ragtag vigilantes who wants to expose the most popular superheroes. He and his troop know all about the immoral agendas of each superhero which are hidden by their corporate sponsorship making them look good in the eyes of the public.

The show takes a bold move by presenting an unconventional storyline that conflicts with the traditional superhero concept. In a typical superhero show, the strengths and morals of the character are glorified.

However, The Boys present a brutally honest satire depicting the dark side of superheroes and their counter effects on humanity. Sounds intriguing? Give it a try and you might be surprised to see how much you enjoyed the show.



Available at Amazon Prime

Just like James Holden, the protagonist from The Expanse was thrown into an unexpected situation of outer space, the protagonist of Farscape also experiences similar challenges that he needs to overcome.

John Crichton (played by Ben Browder) and an astronaut gets thrown into the farthest part of the universe during an intergalactic conflict. He is taken in as a fugitive and forced to join the alien troop hunted by an oppressive military race.

This conclusive miniseries with four successful seasons is one of the most popular original hits in the sci-fi genre. It is well known for its complex storyline and special effects which make every scene look extravagant and fun to watch.


3% - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at  Netflix

In a colonized solar system, some planets are receiving privileges to make the planet a peaceful place to live. But the others are left to rot and survive with limited resources. The Brazilian show 3% beautifully puts forward real-world class-based discrimination with the help of an extraordinary storyline.

The premise follows the tough life of impoverished people on the planet Earth dwelling in the uninhabitable wasteland. The only ray of hope for them to get out of this mess and live a better life is to partner up with 3%. Here, they are thrown into a series of competitions and challenges. The ones who survive till the end receive an opportunity to move to the privileged world. And the ones who fail have their fate decide their destiny.

With three seasons released, this complex dystopian drama series has made its mark in this genre. You’ll get a glimpse of The Expanse and Hunger Games while watching this show which will keep you hooked till the end.


Fringe - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime

Looking for a deep sci-fi mythological series? Then Fringe is all you need. Produced by J.J Abrams this show presents an intricate story that follows a team of professionals including an FBI agent Olivia Dunham (played by Anna Tov), a scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), and the estranged son of Walter named Peter Bishop (played by Joshua Jackson). They come together to investigate some fringe cases which cannot be explained by any normal means.

The show is very similar to ‘The X-Files’ but it is not too dense to strain your brain. Having said that, it is not too straightforward as well. As the drama continues, it explores the deep layers of mysteries surrounding a parallel universe and its impact on the lives of the characters. This show is executed perfectly and the performances are quite impressive too. If you love sci-fi drama then this show will not disappoint you at all.


Mars - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Mars is a unique fusion of scripted drama with a documentary style of storytelling. It features a lot of interviews with space masters like Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson along with a fictional drama moving side by side. The fictional story follows a space crew looking to colonize Mars in the near future. It very intelligently shows the potential dangers and benefits one might face to come and live on Mars.

This show has released three amazing seasons with some impeccable direction and special effects. With an original concept, this show beautifully unfolds the facts of outer space and the future of humanity on Mars. If you are a science geek and love learning about anything related to space then this is the perfect pick for you. So, do give it a try, you will be mind blown by this series.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica - Shows Like The Expanse

Available at Amazon Prime

Ending the list with the greatest sci-fi drama series of all time, Battlestar Galactica. Right after its release, this space drama set a high standard for all other shows in this genre. The story of the show takes you back to a time when humanity is on the verge of getting extinct by the alien robots (known as Cylons).

It raises a big question about the survival of humans in the near future. It showcases the challenges of bridging prejudices so that everyone can have a better future. But will that be safe for humanity? That is the biggest question that this show leaves you behind with.

Battlestar Galactica wins our hearts by presenting a completely different concept about human survival and bringing a new set of moral conundrums for you to think over. It is very much similar to The Expanse in terms of exploring the deeper issues associated with outer space survival. That is why we could not take it off of the list of the best shows like The Expanse.


There are thousands of amazing shows on the television right now. But the one show that has been the talk of the town ever since its first release is The Expanse. Recognized as one of the smartest and evolved sci-fi TV shows of all time, The Expanse has made its mark in terms of theme, character development, aesthetic, motivation, and much more.

Recently the trailer of the sixth season of The Expanse blew everyone’s mind making all its fans excited and thrilled to watch the series. But until the new season is released, there is a plenitude of shows that will satisfy your hunger for good sci-fi shows.

The above list of best shows like The Expanse not only have the most relatable themes but they are unique in they are own way. So, go through the list and pick the best show you like to binge-watch with your friends and family. If you love our recommendations, then don’t forget to come back and revisit the list for your next pick!

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