10 Best Movies Like Home Alone You Must Watch In 2022

10 Best Movies Like Home Alone You Must Watch In 2022

Home Alone is probably one of the most popular movies that a lot of kids remember from their childhood days. The movie is very funny and entertaining and Macaulay Culkin gives a charming performance of a kid who has to live alone for an unknown duration. Kevin’s family is going on a vacation but they forget to take him in a rush.

He realizes this and freaks out. He tries to cope up with the situation the best he can but unfortunately, there seems to be a couple of thieves waiting to rob his house. Thus ensues a battle of wits in which Kevin tries to save his house from the two thieves. If you had a blast watching Home Alone and are looking for similar movies to watch, then here are some of our recommendations for you.

Here is the list of the 10 best Movies Like Home Alone in 2022

Dennis The Menace (1993)

Dennis The Menace (1993)

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Dennis the Menace came out in 1993 and was a movie based on the popular comic strip character Dennis. A clever and naughty kid who generally gave a hard time to his neighbour Mr Wilson. A lot of people didn’t like the movie and they may have good points but while I was watching it recently I felt that this movie can be quite entertaining as well.

There are certain things that don’t match up but the movie still manages to deliver some entertaining and funny scenes. I remember watching this as a kid and enjoying it a lot. It’s just a movie where a curious and energetic kid keeps getting into trouble because he keeps messing things up.

You can easily see the similarity to Movies Like Home Alone as the character played by Macaulay Culkin is very similar to Dennis in this movie. However, the way both these films handle the characters is quite different. In the movie, Dennis’s parents need to leave for some reason and the neighbour Mrs Wilson is kind enough to extend her helping hand and decides to take care of the boy for the few days they are gone.

But Dennis being himself starts inadvertently messing things up for Mr Wilson even when his intentions are in the right place. Dennis just wants to be a helpful kid who even goes to the extent of unknowingly helping a thief.

Sounds fun, right? Well if you want to watch something entertaining without getting too deep into the plot or themes then this movie is a nice pick. The cast has done a commendable job at portraying the characters especially Walter Matthau who plays Mr Wilson.

Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

Miracle On 34th Street (1947) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime

The next one on the list is a timeless classic. If you like to watch Christmas movies and stuff that end with a sort of good message then Miracle On 34th Street is probably one of the first movies that did that well. You will find a lot of stereotypical Hollywood stuff in the film but you can always look past it because the story is good and the performances are decent.

I have watched this film three times now and every time I have found something new about it. This is a very good film to view with your family during the Christmas season. I enjoyed the acting by the cast which is one of the reasons why this movie still feels so much more palatable than a lot of garbage that gets dumped down our throat these days in the name of Christmas movies.

Edmund Gwenn plays the character of Kris Kringle, a man who starts dressing up as Santa for Macy’s because the original person was found intoxicated. Kris thrives in the role of Santa and kids and families love him. Soon he starts playing Santa in the main store or Macy’s.

Kris then claims that he is the real Santa to which the people don’t take too kindly and he is served. Thus ensues a court case in which Kris’s character and mental health are thrown into question along with the authenticity of his claims.

The film never feels boring and I have recommended it to many people who want to watch a nice Christmas movie. If you don’t have anything lined up for this Christmas season then you can’t go wrong with an all-time classic Christmas movie which is Miracle On 34th Street.

Baby’s Day Out

Baby's Day Out - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime

Let me preface the next entry on this list by saying that I know this movie was a flop at the box office. It had a huge budget of $50 million with no A-list performers. No one liked it but I was a kid when I watched it and I thought it was very entertaining. It is similar to Movies Like Home Alone in the sense that due to the various actions of the baby the bad guys sort of keep getting into trouble.

Though not the funniest movie that I have watched, it is definitely an entertaining movie and if you liked Home Alone and just want to enjoy a similar movie then give this one a try. Also, I have to say that the main character of the movie i.e. the baby is so freaking cute. If you have a kid and you want to enjoy a movie with them then just stream this and enjoy it for an hour and a half.

The plot of the movie is simple. Baby Bink is this cute adorable baby whose parents love him a lot. Being born in a rich family all his needs are easily fulfilled. Baby Bink is soon going to be quite popular as his pictures are going to appear in the media and newspapers.

Then there are these three thieves who just want to steal Baby Bink and earn a bunch from the ransom. So what do they do? They disguise themselves as the photographer and decide to steal the baby from the house.

They are successful and thus, starts Baby Bink’s day out of the house. The thieves soon realize that the baby is more than a handful as it keeps outsmarting them and keeps causing them troubles in hilarious ways.

The Santa Claus (1994)

The Santa Claus (1994) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime

Now, it’s becoming obvious that most of the movies that I am going to put on this list are going to be the ones I enjoyed during my childhood. I mean that’s what holiday movies, Christmas movies etc. are for. You put them on and have a nice time enjoying light-hearted content. Tim Allen starred in this movie as Santa Claus.

It was quite popular when it came out, so much so that the studio decided to bring him back and do the character in two more movies. Though the other two movies are kind of okay as well, I liked this movie the most. Tim Allen portrays the character of Santa Claus decently and the other actors do their part well too.

Tim plays Scott Calvin in the movie. He is a divorcé who is spending some time with his son, Charlie, during the Christmas week. He learns that his ex-wife and her husband haven’t been able to tell his son that Santa is not real. Scott is reading a book to his son when they hear someone on the roof.

When they go out to investigate they startle a Santa impersonator who is on the roof. He falls down and dies (kind of a dark way to start a Christmas movie). The person then vanishes leaving only his red Santa costume and a sleigh with reindeers. Scott reads a label on the suit that says that in case of an accident the person who finds the suit should put it on.

Scott complies and now he has inadvertently become Santa. He meets elves at the North Pole who break him the news. Even though Charlie is super thrilled that his dad is the new Santa, how is Scott supposed to let his family know?

A Christmas Story (1983)

A Christmas Story (1983) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime

If you don’t want to just stream a movie that is only for kids while you get bored out of your mind then it’s a good idea to put on a Christmas classic viz. A Christmas Story. This is a movie that is very decent. It has a strong plot, very interesting characters and quite a good screenplay.

I watched this movie recently so I realised a lot of technical stuff about it and was amazed at how good the direction is and how well the cast have portrayed the characters. When I watched it as a kid I just enjoyed the way it felt. It is an awesome movie to sit through with your entire family and have a warm and pleasant time.

One of the things that I enjoyed about the film is that it sort of shows that it is okay to want things and enjoy the way they make you feel. You shouldn’t always be too serious and feel bad about wanting toys, candies or other materialistic stuff. Charlie wants a cool air rifle. When I saw that rifle in the movie, I wanted one too.

Charlie pleads to his mother, his teacher and even to a Santa at a mall. But all of them are very much critical of his wish and shut him down. They tell him that if he gets that gun it will end badly for him as he will shoot his eye out. Charlie feels dejected.

The movie is about Charlie and his wish to get an air rifle for Christmas. Does he get it? The movie is narrated by the now-adult Charlie talking about that year’s Christmas Eve. It is a fun movie to watch but your kids might end up wanting an air rifle too.

Richie Rich (1994)

Richie Rich (1994) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you enjoyed Home Alone and wanted to see more of Macaulay Culkin then one of the movies that he starred in was Richie Rich. We have all enjoyed the Richie Rich television series which is about a boy who comes from a family of insanely rich people who seem to own everything anyone could ever want.

I enjoyed watching the animated series so when I found out about this movie I wanted to see it too. This is a nice comedy movie for kids. You get some good laughs and there are some decent scenes. If you have wanted to see a live-action version of the popular rich kid who has interesting adventures then you should give this movie a try or if you just want to watch something for fun without getting too much into it then check it out as well.

The film is about Richie Rich. It shows him as the boy who is the richest kid in the world. He has everything he can ever want. But it seems that he lacks friends and companions. During an industry visit with his father, Richie sees a few kids playing baseball outside. He wants to play with them but they ignore him and shut him out.

He feels bad. Later, he also learns that the top executive of his company is plotting to kill his parents. Now, Richie needs to do something to save his parents and commandeer his company. But he needs some help. Guess who all showed up to help Richie in his time of need? Macaulay Culkin is good in this movie as well. Give it a watch!

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime

There’s a reason why Tim Burton is regarded as one of the best filmmakers. He has made some really good movies that still hold up today. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of his most popular movies. It is an animated movie that is the perfect watch for the Halloween season or the Christmas season or any season at all.

Just watch this movie if you haven’t already and if you have already watched it then watch it again. This is a really good movie with great direction and top-tier voice acting. The animation is very different and entertaining and all the scenes of the movie look so good. The protagonist of the film is Jack Skellington of Halloweentown.

He is the pumpkin king and everyone in the town loves and adores him. Every Halloween he scares real people and it is the same routine that he keeps following. But now he is bored. He doesn’t want to keep doing the same routine stuff. Then he ends up discovering a different place. Everything is all bright and colourful in this town.

This is Christmastown. Jack loves it and enjoys this change of scene. He decides to take control of Christmas by kidnapping Santa and assuming the role himself.

But what’s a good movie without conflicts and twists and turns? Jack’s plan may seem solid but rarely does things go as well as planned. I watched the movie recently and found it as entertaining as ever. If you want to see an entertaining musical then just put this on and you have something entertaining to watch for the next hour and 15 minutes.

Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck (1989) - Movies Like Home Alone

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

The next movie that I will be recommending is Uncle Buck. This is one of the popular comedy premises based on quirky characters in charge of taking care of kids and this results in funny situations. It is a funny movie starring the popular comedian John Candy. Now, I have watched John in a couple of other movies but wasn’t that familiar with his work.

So, I had no bias going into this movie but I ended up having a good time which is a great thing since there are a lot of bad movies that are very unfunny doesn’t matter if it has a big comic relief. The performance that John delivers in Uncle Buck is pretty good and do you know who else is starring in the movie? Well, it’s our boy, Macaulay Culkin.

The movie is entertaining and if you want to watch something funny and light-hearted then give this movie a try. Let’s now look at the plot of the movie. Buck is a bachelor. He is a good person and can be quite considerate but you wouldn’t think of him as someone who will be able to take care of kids. But due to certain circumstances that’s exactly what he has to do.

He has to take care or rather babysit his brother’s three kids. Buck has a lively personality and thus can charm two of the kids but his teenage niece won’t cut him any slack nor would his girlfriend. Can Buck pull off the task of taking care of his family and showing them that he is also capable of being responsible and loving? This is something that you can watch with your family too. So, why not give it a try?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

This is another Christmas movie on the list. Home Alone is a nice Christmas movie as well and we wanted to recommend some good Christmas movies that you can watch and have a good time with. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a funny Christmas movie. It has a young Chevy Chase in it who gives a commendable performance in the movie and makes it quite entertaining.

This is a funny and a really good Christmas movie and I know a lot of people liked it. So, if you have already watched it you can always sit for another viewing with your family. I watched this movie for the third time last year and enjoyed it a lot. Chevy Chase plays the role of Clark Griswold who is a married man with a couple of kids.

He wants Christmas to be perfect this time and is very hard on himself and his family to ensure that everything is for Christmas be it the decorations or the Christmas etc. His cousin Eddy comes to his home with his family.

They park their camper on Clark’s property and start living there. Besides this Clark has been banking on getting a holiday bonus but his boss declines it. Will Clark get the perfect Christmas he wants or will his wish of having the perfect Christmas never come true? The movie is 1 hour and around 30 minutes long. It is full of funny scenes which you will have a blast watching.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

Available at Amazon Prime

Well, let’s bring this list to a conclusion with a movie that is very similar to Home Alone and it is none other than Home Alone 2. This movie came out a couple of years after the first movie and the main original cast reprise their roles. There are a couple of other movies in the Home Alone series as well but I didn’t like them that much.

Though Home Alone 2 is not as good as its predecessor it was still quite entertaining to watch as the performances are quite tight. In this movie, we again focus on Kevin who was the protagonist of the first movie.

But his life is not going to be so easy as the wet bandits are back. They have been outsmarted by a kid last time and so they want to plot a big heist this holiday season to make up for it. But little did they know that their paths were going to cross with the Kevin’s. So, get ready for a lot of booby traps and funny incidents in this second instalment of the hit movie Home Alone.


Did you find some good movies to watch from our list? I had a great time revisiting these movies as they are quite funny and entertaining. Almost all the movies that I have recommended on this list can be watched with your family as it enhances the experience. Let us know some of your favourite movies similar to Home Alone and which movies from our list are your favourites.

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