10 Best Movies Like Donnie Darko You Must Watch In 2022

10 Best Movies Like Donnie Darko You Must Watch In 2022

Movies have been a source of entertainment and fun for humans for a very long time now. Movies are a way for humans to be able to calm their heads and even find newer ways to think and get themselves amused. These work in a lot of ways to help people in even more ways. The movie market has grown quite a lot in the last decade and making a billion-dollar earning from a movie is not quite hard if the movie can get attached to the minds and souls of the audience that watches it. One of the most enthusing and thrilling movies of Hollywood turns out to be Donnie Darko.

At the time it was released in the theatres, it was one of the most-watched and one of the most revenue collecting thrillers in the world. Donnie Darko has been able to get a fan base for itself and is instilled into the minds of all the millennials and young people. It is one of the few movies that are loved by all ages and has been able to stir up the minds of people in its run. For all the people who have not yet watched Donnie Darko, there is something that is missing in your life because this movie is a thriller that can give you chills on a summer afternoon.

This movie revolves around a plot that is filled with suspense and thrill. The overall cap of this story revolves around a boy who is getting these weird dreams every single day with a person wearing a bunny mask who is convincing the boy that the world is near its end. The thriller then sets off with the boy, unclear of his thoughts, trying to save the world from the annihilation and then the movie moves forward into more intriguing and suspenseful situations.

The movie has one of the best plots in the whole genre of such kind and it is why the fan following of this movie is pretty huge. There are other movies too that come in the genre of Donnie Darko and can be counted as one of the best in their genre. Such movies entangle the minds of the audience and connect with them in a strong way. Movies like Donnie Darko intimidate and excite a person at the same time. Watching such movies is worth the time as they are full of entertainment and also provide some insight into the real world. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Movies that are like Donnie Darko:


Inception - Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

One of the most famous movies of all time, this Leonardo DeCaprio starrer is hard to miss for any person in the world. If you are a fan of the genre where your mind goes “How can it happen!” then this is the movie you must watch. This movie is one of the most adventurous yet calm as a lake kind in the world. Directed by the best in his time, Christopher Nolan, this movie is perfect in all sorts and has been able to steal audiences from all around the globe. Be it the script, or the screenplay, or the dialogues, or the overall plot, this movie has been able to ace it all. 

The acting in this movie seems surreal and the storyline is completely mind-boggling. One can easily say that this is the best movie he or she has ever seen and yet be unable to completely comprehend it in one go. Actually, Movies Like Inception is one of our Sci-fi Favorite Movies. The movie is situated in the future where technology has evolved so much that humans can interfere with another person’s dream. 

A group of people thus make use of this technology to make money through the wrong means. They get inside the heads of famous business owners, entrepreneurs, and global leaders to steal their ideas and thus sell them for a fortune. They are then presented with a lot more money to do the job of not stealing the thought but placing it inside the mind of a certain individual.

With this mission, the movie enters its main scenario and the movie moves forward to entangle with the mind of the watcher and leave him or her with a complete jaw dropped situation. It is thus one of the best movies in this genre where the mind cannot comprehend the movie in one go.

Layer Cake

Layer Cake - Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you are of the kind who watches the movie not just for entertainment but also to get some stories and listens carefully to the whole thing then this British movie is made just for you. Layer Cake is not yet popular all around the globe but all the people who have watched it may suggest you see it once in your lifetime.

It is a simple yet completely intriguing movie that leaves you scratching your head. The movie is based on a drug dealer who has made his living all his life with this kind of work. The last day of his job turns out to be the biggest adventure of his whole life as he takes the work. 

This movie has turned out to be one of the most smartly played and plotted movies ever around the globe. As his last job, the dealer gets two very tough assignments to deliver. The movie then goes ahead with the dealer finding out the troubles he actually has to go through to make this kind of delivery and the plot reveals a lot of mind-twisting things.

The best part of this movie is the end where the audience is asked a question and one can answer the question only if he or she has watched the whole thing very carefully. This movie will easily get all your attention and it has not yet been corrupted by some American version either.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

As the name of the movie suggests, this movie revolves around a weird kind of sixth sense that is instilled into a boy. This movie can leave the audience with the thought of being more careful about the surroundings and also get a catch over what senses they get.

This movie has been able to attract quite an audience and is one of the most carefully paced movies of all time. It is one of those movies that will give you the sense that you know what all can happen now but as soon as you would be getting yourself used to the plot, something will hit all your affirmations hard and you will be left awestruck. 

Bruce Wills plays the role of a psychologist in this movie. One day he comes across a troubled kid who would say that he has this sixth sense where he sees ghosts and monsters. As any sane human would, he firstly brushes off this claim of the boy but later gets to realize that there is more truth to the boy’s claim than he himself knows.

As he gets to think that the boy might be right, he comes to a conclusion and this might change the life of this psychologist forever. The direction and the cinematography of the movie go, M. Night Shyamalan has done a wonderful job in the making of this movie. It is one of those movies that can get you on your toes and then leave you with a twisted head. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

With a wonderful casting and even better direction, this movie is one of the most simple yet mind-boggling movies made in its time. This movie was ahead of its time when it comes to the story and the screenplay when it was released. The movie has been created to leave the audience with a nice thought at the end but still mess up with their heads a little bit. It can easily be called a masterwork in the field of movies. 

The movie revolves around a couple who thinks that the relationship has lost its flame and both the people do not want to end the relationship. This whole situation leads them to find a solution where they will forget about their whole relationship and the moments that they spent together.

The couple decides to go through with the solution but faces a whole lot of other problems with it and the movie catches its pace with it. The whole star cast of Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Wilkinson, and Jim Carrey has done a phenomenal job in making the movie one of the best of all time. The movie plays with the audience’s mind and leaves them with a lot of thoughts at the same time.

The Game

The Game - Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

If a person is a fan of Donnie Darko, then The Game is the movie that is a must-watch. The movie stands up to the parameters of fun, adventurous, thrilling, and overall mind-blowing for the audience. This movie has been directed by one of the best, David Fincher.

The movie is a complete rail of ultimate sequences from the beginning to the end. This movie is a complete package for the viewers and has been rated as one of the best in the genre.  The movie revolves around a pretty secretive banker who is mostly alone. He is a wealthy San Francisco banker and his life takes a whole new turn when his distant brother gifts him an entry card for an unusual entertainment company called the Consumer Recreation Services.

The plot takes a twist when the banker decides to check it out and that turns out to be one of the most reckless decisions for him as it starts to consume his life. The movie has been able to ace in its time and is a must-watch for all thriller fans.

The Machinist 

The Machinist-Movies Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

Christian Bale starring The Machinist is one of the best roleplay-based movies of all time. This movie has been in the hearts of all the watchers who love movies like Donnie Darko. This movie creates a separate kind of sense in the mind which is filled with thrill and adventure.

The watchers come across this movie as fun to watch and actually get intrigued by it. The movie has been excellently placed and the pace of the character is smooth too.  The movie revolves around a man who has not overslept in the last whole year. The matter starts to get spiced up when he starts to find post-it notes as soon as he wakes up and has no idea from where they are coming.

The situation gets even worse when he starts to see his co-worker who no one else is able to see. The problem starts to haunt him and he starts hallucinating too. He comes to the conclusion that he has gone out of his mind and is dragging others into the madness with him. The movie has an excellent screenplay and Christian has done an amazing job living the main character. It is thus one of the must-watch movies of all time.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island (2010)

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you want to get your mind intrigued and confused at the same time by just a movie, this Leonardo DeCaprio starrer movie is a must watch. Shutter island is one of those movies where you cannot guess what all happened in a single go. It needs to be re-watched in order to get what the whole thing was.

This movie is able to play with your mind and puzzle you with all the situations that occur on the screen. This movie is based on the life of a federal marshal who finds one of the jails that people are being sent to as sketchy and starts to investigate the issue. Soon he realizes that the island-based jail has more to understand than what meets the eye.

The marshal also gets glimpses of his dead wife and kids and this thing does not get explained until the end. In the pursuit of solving the mystery of all the sketchy things going on on the island, Marshal gets stuck in a lot of trouble. This movie does not give any idea of any conclusion until the very end and not everyone can understand it completely in a single watch.


Memento Movie Like Donnie Darko

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

Memento is one of the most intriguing movies for the watchers. The main highlight of this movie before even watching is that it has been directed by the suspense king himself, Christopher Nolan. This movie has been able to provide the audience with a completely mind-boggling experience with its runtime.

The movie is enough to leave you confused yet satisfied at the end and the audience has given it quite an amazing rating too. This movie is based on a man who suffers from short-term memory loss and wakes up every single day with basic questions like where he is, who he is, and what is he doing there.

The movie runs along with murder that can be solved only by trusting this kind of man but the whole thing turns shady since the man himself suffers from memory loss. He has things tattooed on his body and the last minutes of the murder as in the tattoos too that need to be solved and understood. The movie is easily able to catch all your attention and is an excellent way to get entertained. 

The Prestige 

The Prestige

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

It is another movie that must be on your ‘must-watch list if you are a fan of Donnie Darko. The movie has been directed by the legend himself, Christopher Nolan and as of now, it can be said that this alone can be the whole reason to watch it. The movie is for all the people who love to find the small details in a story and are amused by mind-twisting screenplays.

Whole The movie revolves around two arch-nemesis illusionists who want to perform the ultimate illusion to outcast the rival. The movie runs with this whole quest at the start but as soon as one of the two rivals comes up with the idea of this illusion, the other one starts digging up to find out the idea and this whole venture leaves a lot of lives in jeopardy. The whole movie is completely entertaining and intrigues the audience in a lot of ways.

The Truman Show 

The Truman Show 

Available At Amazon Prime | Netflix

This movie is based on a person who has everything in his life that a man can want. Truman has a nice career, a nice wife, a nice home and everything goes smoothly in his life. The movie starts to take a turn when the man finds out that his whole life is being watched by the world at all times. He wants to get an out when he finds out that his whole life was a TV show and then things start to rule out in his favor. This movie can also be considered a must-watch if you want a simple yet mind-boggling story to watch as a pastime. 


If you are looking for a movie that thrills your mind and twists it in the same way as Dannie Darko did, then this is the list made just for you. The movies mentioned above are the best out there not just to pass some time but also to enter into the realm of confusion and intimidation via a story.

These movies have the perfect stories, screenplay, casting, and character synchronization required to deliver a mind-blown expression on the face of the watchers at the end. For someone who is a fan of Dannie Darko, these movies may not just be enough for entertainment, they may leave the viewer with a set of perspectives too. The movies mentioned here are full of suspense, thrill and an awesome story and thus are worth watching.

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