10 Best Movies Like Divergent: Complete Action Pack! (2022)

10 Best Movies Like Divergent: Complete Action Pack! (2022)

Well, who doesn’t like some science fiction? And speaking of science fiction, there is a classic that we all have watched, at least, most of us, Divergent. A story set in a futuristic world wherein, every person encountering adulthood, has to choose a faction and serve them for life. In this article, you will come to know about some of the best movies Like Divergent.

Being divided among five factions, the society runs well, until the protagonist comes into play. Being “divergent” they cannot fit into any particular faction of the society and hence start a war that threatens the lives of everyone they love.

We understand why you’d want more such movies and hence we have scrounged the internet for the best, sci-fi, action, thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. And if you watched watching divergent, we’re sure that you will love these movies as well. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Here is the list of the 10 best movies like Divergent you must see in 2022.

V for vendetta

V for vendetta

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

As the name suggests, this movie carries a plot of vendetta. Now, the only question that remains is that, who has this vendetta and for whom. The story starts in a futuristic world wherein, the premise shows a resemblance to Britain.

The world is ruled by a totalitarian government, to which our mighty hero, V stands up. A masked person, trying to take the entire government down singlehandedly, is what this movie transpires. Well, his terror-provoking activities, cause quite the rumble and in pursuit of him, a government official named Evey, who later on is rescued by the protagonist, also starts following his ideology and helps him in his battle against the government.

These two then make quite the team to make a global power fall on their knees and hence conclude the story. With elements of drama, thriller, and sci-fi, this movie is perfect to watch, if you’ve just finished divergent. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then we highly recommend doing so, at the earliest. We’re sure you won’t regret it. 

Minority report

Minority report

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Starring your favorite, Tom Cruise in a not-so-distant future, Minority report is a great example of a sci-fi thriller. In this movie, the story starts in a not-so-distant future America where the police have access to a technology, which lets them catch the criminals before they commit the crime they’re accused of.

Where a lot of people praise this technology a few are on the offense as well. The story takes a turn where the protagonist, a police officer is accused of a crime, that he does not believe he’ll ever commit. The movie then runs entirely on him trying to prove his innocence while running away from the authorities.

The plot of the movie is great and is set to question your morality. Minority report is a must-watch if you feel like watching movies is like Divergent. Also, if you’re a fan of tom cruise and action scenes in a sci-fi movie, then minority report is the movie you should look out for. 

The matrix

The matrix

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Well, next on this list is a blockbuster, that made billions after its release, The Matrix. This trilogy encompasses a world shortly wherein we have depleted all our resources, and on being attacked by some alien species are held captive in our dreams.

The movie also covers how all these dreams are connected and how everyone is connected to the system. This is where our hero, Keanu Reaves breaks out of this eternal sleep he’s held captive in and is then later described as how he is “the one” to save the entire human species.

The movie takes on interesting and mind-bending terms throughout the series and hence is a must-watch for people who dig science fiction. The matrix has been appraised by almost every critic in the world and it presents a very elaborated view on the “entire world being a simulation” problem. We’re sure that Elon Musk definitely loves this movie and if you liked Divergent, then this movie is the one for you. The matrix opens your mind to a lot of morbid possibilities and hence is a must-watch in any case. 

Ready player one

Ready player one - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Next on the list, we have yet another massively popular sci-fi action that has people on the hook. Based on the book “ready player one” by earnest Cline, this movie is a must-watch for every teenager and anyone who has even a minute of knowledge of virtual reality.

To start, ready player one is set in the future where a millionaire, James Halliday has created a virtual reality, which people like to be in, more than the real world. The story takes a turn where the protagonists set off on a journey after the treasures that the millionaire has left for one lucky winner in the game.

The movie encompasses all the different things that he encounters in the game and hence takes you on a journey that is fun, relatable, and hence interactive. The movie is a must-watch if you liked Divergent and like watching movies that are set in the distant future. Overall, a great movie and hence highly recommend you to watch it. 

Tomorrowland: a world beyond

Tomorrowland a world beyond - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime

Tomorrowland, much like most of the pictures on this list is a science fiction movie based on the present. However, parallelly exists a dimension, that is earth, but centuries ahead in terms of technology.

Revealed later in the picture, that this is a world where all the radically smart people like tesla, Albert einstein, and so on, went and built to create a world that is way ahead in terms of technology. However, keeping in mind that this might result in governments trying to claim everything, is kept a secret from the entire world as it is built on an entirely different dimension.

This place, called Tomorrowland then receives the daughter of a hardworking engineer, who is destined to correct the future of Tomorrowland. She has been selected by the people in Tomorrowland to be a part of their community and later joins the recruitment team herself. This movie is a great one-time watch, and hence is something we highly recommend you to watch. We’re sure that you will love the plot if you like movies like divergent.

The fifth wave

The fifth wave - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Set in a not-so-distant future, the fifth wave is a movie that has all the elements to make a good sci-fi thriller movie but still could not gather the kind of attention it needed, to guarantee a sequel. The fifth wave starts off encompassing a world which faces endangerment from an alien species that has evaded earth to wipe humanity off completely.

This then leads to the formation of a militia against the entire alien species and teenagers and kids are used to run such operations. However, things take a turn, when the protagonist and their fellow teammates come to know that the aliens have taken human form and are manipulating humans to kill each other off.

This is when the protagonist realizes that she has to get her brother, who is stuck in one of the many such camps, and find a recluse before things go AWOL. with elements of the apocalypse, alien invasion, and action, divergent fans are sure to love this movie. 

Ender’s game

Ender’s game - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Much like the previous movie on his list, ender’s game is set in a not-so-distant future where children are used to defeating an entire army of aliens, who are a threat to the entire human society. Asa Butterfield, the protagonist of this story grows up to be the leader of the human team and hence finds the weight of a huge responsibility of saving the entire human race on his shoulders.

However, as his character develops in the movie, the young ender realizes what he needs to do and hence conquers the aliens. The movie is really fun if you’re looking out for a sci-fi action movie and hence is the perfect movies to watch Like Divergent.


Lucy - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Lucy is one of the most popular science fiction movies ever. Most of us have watched it, and for the ones who have been living under the rock, here is a description of its plot. Lucy is a story set in the present where a person named Lucy is kidnapped and used to traffic illegal drugs.

The way this cartel traffics drugs is that they leave the pouches inside the persona’s body so that they can go through public places with high security, undetected. However, things take a turn when the drug comes out of the pouch and interferes with the system of Lucy. this drug is an artificially produced drug that pregnant women produce.

This chemical lets them be more aware, alert and hence become naturally better at taking care of their babies. Being exposed to several hundred grams of it, lucy’s brain capacity unleashes its true potential and hence reaches 100% brain capacity. This lets lucy control everything in her surroundings and finally puts an end to the cartel that was trafficking the drugs in the first place.

She then transforms into a storage device of some kind, which carried all the information about her being in that state. This is then given to Morgan Freeman, a scientist who spent his entire life learning about this phenomenon. If you liked Divergent, you will love this movie.

The maze runner

The maze runner - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

The maze runner is another one of the biggest hits in the sci-fi industry. The plot starts on an island wherein the people live just outside this big maze that has been considered unsolvable, and up to an extent it was so. But, the people soon realize that this is nothing but a game, where they constantly get food supplies and everything necessary to make them win.

However, things take a turn when the protagonist decides to break out of this place by crossing the maze, and hence the name, maze runner. With the help of his teammates, he can find out that this is a containment zone for some selected individuals who are subjected to such an environment to see if they can survive. However, the action and the sci-fi part have their fans on the hook. The maze runner is a great movie to watch if you’ve just finished Divergent and hence we highly recommend you to watch it. 

The hunger games

The hunger games - Movies Like Divergent

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

The hunger games are set on distant earth, where just like DIvergent, the people have been divided into groups. However, instead of five, in hunger games, there are 12. The story revolves around this big tournament that is hosted every year and two participants, one boy, and a girl is made to compete for their lives and win.

However, it turns out that the tournaments are just conducted to make sure the people are in check and know their place in front of the capital. The movie takes on a series of events encompassing the entire tournament and hence is a great one to watch. We’re sure if you like, sci-fi and action then, hunger games is the movie to watch. 


The movies that are mentioned above are some of the greatest sci-fi-thriller hits in Hollywood. This is why we have included them in the list and urge you to watch them if you’ve recently completed Divergent. However, do keep in mind that these are not purely sci-fi and hence we did not include movies like interstellar, gravity, and much more. So if you haven’t watched any of these movies Like Divergent, we highly recommend you to get them to your watchlist and hence make sure you enjoy it. Till then, keep scrolling!

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